For a long time I have been thinking it would be great to have a place to put random thoughts about worship leading that have been helpful to me over the years. This site will become a collection of those, including articles to download.

The intent here is to be a training and equipping site for those eager to learn more about worship and worship leading. I hope you will be blessed!


Do We Really Need Musical Worship?


I came across this great article by John Piper yesterday. Makes a lot of sense. (In case you don’t have time to read the entire post, the answer is “yes”, but why?)

Jeremy writes in with today’s question: “Dear Pastor John, I have served for the past seven years as a ‘worship leader.’ Something I’ve had trouble reconciling is how worshiping God turned into singing trendy praise songs in a community setting. Does it derive from the Levites and appointed leaders in the Old Testament? I have a hard time finding something relatable in the New Testament. In fact, one of the Scriptures that I find most denotes what worship is comes from Romans 12 where Paul tells the church in Rome that worship is giving of one’s self completely to God. Long question short, what brings us the corporate musical worship that inhabits almost every church today?”

Let’s just overlook the use of the word trendy, because I doubt that is really what he is asking. I don’t think he expects to find in the Bible a justification for trendy. I think his question really is: Why do we sing for a half an hour in worship services all over the world? Why do we do it that way? [read more]



Do We “Bring” God’s Presence When We Worship?


It’s been a while since I’ve posted here, but I wanted to bring you this great article by my friend Dan Wilt. It’s something that has needed to be said for a long time.

“The following is, I submit, a theological course correction necessary for Worship Leaders and Pastors who lead in settings that intentionally welcome the Holy Spirit to be manifest as we engage in worship. It is for those who love for the presence of the Holy Spirit to be experienced, at all levels, by a community who has gathered to worship.” [read more]

Wimber Changed The Way I Worship


[Guest post from Mike Turrigiano at mainandplain.com, speaking on the origins of Vineyard Worship, a movement of which I am a part.]

Our legacy goes back to John Wimber himself – our original lead worshipper. Our theology and practice of worship are credited largely to him. John loved worship. He was a professional musician, an original band member of the Righteous Brothers, an arranger as well as a producer. Although he led worship from behind a piano, his first love was jazz sax and before becoming a believer he dreamed of being a hot shot arranger in Hollywood – but God had other plans for his life. (read more…)

A Worship Leader’s Guide to Not Leading Worship


[Guest post from Mike O’Brien]

Whether you are a volunteer or paid worship leader, your influence within the community is operating both on and off stage. What you choose to do and don’t do will impact your teams, future leaders, and your own family. Let’s consider a wider realm of influence for our key leaders, one that takes into account more than just the “worship leading” role, which is vital. Leaders, consider these questions:

  • Do your teams get a chance to see you follow or are you always the boss?
  • Do you intentionally plan time away from the stage?
  • Does your church culture reward rest and simply being present?
  • When was the last time you took communion or received prayer at the altar? Are you always playing music or fixing issues?

(Read more…)


12 Questions We Must Ask About A Worship Leader

Small-Boy-and-Red-Guitar[Guest article from my friend Dan Wilt]

I’ve had the privilege of serving for over 25 years as a pastor, worship leader, and worship leader trainer. In that time I’ve also had the privilege of developing many worship leaders one-on-one, in groups, and online, who were at different levels of maturity and skill.

I’ve worked one-on-one and life-to-life with 4-5 worship leaders, very closely with at least 80-90 worship leaders (in live, extended mentoring situations), and less intimately with a few thousand other worship leaders through online training experiences. At some point, I settled in on what I was looking to see in a beginning worship leader, and what I was looking to see in someone who was wanting to mature as a worship leader.

Here are some ideas from my experience that may help you – whether you are a pastor, worship leader, or a developer of worship leaders. (read more…)


If you're not singing

[Guest post by Mark C Cole, worshipteamtraining.com]

How do you know if you are a good worship leader? You may think, well I’m just a singer, musician, audio-tech or pastor, but there is more to leading a song than what you realize. You are leading souls to the throne; and the most effective way is to be led first by the Holy Spirit and in the love of Jesus. Otherwise, you just become a clanging cymbal.

Below, are ten telling signs of what it takes to be a good leader of worship. (Read more…)